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Welcome to Shree AM 2 PM

At AM 2 PM Salon, you will receive the best in beauty and spa services administered with the greatest care.

At AM 2 PM Spa, the services provided are in perfect harmony with contemporary and traditional healthcare practices. These practices are offered through our spa therapy, salon treatment, elite gym, fitness activities like TrX, cross fit, kettle bell, kick boxing, plower exercises and nutrition management. Apart from providing world-class facilities, we also use the latest equipments, products and trained staff from within the country as well as overseas.

Our luxury Spa & Salon treatments are thoughtfully designed not only to relax, but increase blood circulation, help detoxify the blood by stimulating the lymphatic system and create a sense of peace and clarity in one’s mind. Our signature massage known as Fusion is an unique fusion of Swedish, Deep tissue and Thai stretches which leaves one with an ultimate relaxation. Apart from all international and ayurvedic therapies, new therapies introduced in our Spa are Anti Cellulite massage which is well know for skin firming and lymphatic drainage. We have also introduced a special four hand international massage, potly massage and bamboo massage which is done by two therapists.


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Why Choosing Us?

  • Mind Relaxing

    Relaxing your body can lead to a relaxed mind, and both can help to reduce stress levels.

  • Healthy Life

    A healthy lifestyle keeps you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease

  • Special Guides

    Provides a professional dietary and nutrition consulting service aimed to helping you achieve.

  • Nutrition

    We create your healthy habits for you with the most nutritive diets basis your body type and needs.

  • Well Care Therapists

    AM 2 PM offers a wide range of spa therapies rendered by experienced therapists.

  • Effective Treatments

    At our salon, you will receive the best in beauty and spa services administered with the greatest care.